Grants for self-organized small workshops

The Graduate Center supports the early academic independence of the doctoral candidates at Kiel University who are registered at the Graduate Center by providing funding for small workshops organized by doctoral candidates and co-financed by faculties or institutes. The chief operating officer of the Graduate Center decides on the applications submitted.

Individual doctoral candidates as well as groups of doctoral candidates can apply for funding. In general applications have to be submitted to the Graduate Center's Office at least four months before the first workshop day. In general grant approvals will be issued at least three months before the first workshop day.

Usually workshops with 10 to 30 participants will be funded; the participation of appr. 50% external persons should be your goal.

The workshop should:

  1. improve and strengthen the applicants’ competence within their academic field;
  2. demonstrably improve the applicants’ competence in an academic field which is clearly connected to his/her doctoral project;
  3. establish and strengthen the applicants’ national and international networking and visibility within their academic community.

The Executive committee of the Graduate Center will assess the information concerning points 1-3.

If you are uncertain whether the workshop you are planning qualifies for a grant from the Graduate Center please contact Dr. Sabine Milde - even in the early stages of the planning process.

Costs can be refunded for (documented by receipts and documents):

  • Travel and accommodation of invited participants
  • Room rentals and other expenses for the realization of the event (please contact the Graduate Center’s office for questions regarding reimburseable expenses)
  • Strictly no catering!!!

Funding will be paid according to the rules and regulations of the “Bundesreisekostengesetz”. The Graduate Center provides funding for up to 50% of documented costs which are not covered by the institute, faculty or a third party, but not more than 2.000,00 € in total. Other options for funding must be exploited.

The overall funding provided by the Graduate Center is limited. Therefore we do not guarantee full or partial funding. All possibilities of support from other parties have to be listed and documented. First applications of doctoral candidates will be granted priority.

Please apply with the following documents:

  1. A cover letter giving personal information about all applicants: surname, first name, date of birth, start of doctoral project, (prospective) title of doctoral project, name of main supervisor/s, institute or department, doctoral programme if you are a menber of one, and the faculty conferring the doctoral degree;
  2. A  description of the idea and the concept of the workshop including schedule, event and budget plan, group size and number of external participants (max. 5 pages). Please also list all expenses which will be paid by your institute and/or your faculty. The Graduate Center expects co-financing of the event of up to 50% of the costs, but at least a significant amount provided by other institutions;
  3. A declaration of support and possibilities for support from other parties and, if applicable, an explanation why no support is possible;
  4. An explanation of the benefit for the organizers (max. 1 page) concerning the improvement of the applicants’ competence in an academic field which is clearly connected to his/her doctoral project and the establishment  and strengthening of the applicants’ national and international networks as well as their visibility within their academic community;
  5. The main supervisor’s approval for each applicant (if two or more applicants have the same supervisor one letter for all is sufficient), including signed confirmation about the amount of co-financing;
  6. A dated and signed print-out of all applicants' basic registration with the Graduate Center.