Grants for measures shaping your personal profile

The Graduate Center supports measures designed to strenghten the personal profile of its registered doctoral candidates by subsidizing expenses for individual qualifying measures.

The participation in conference visits and research stays is not supported by this programm. In these cases please apply for grants for research stays and conference visits.

The following measures can be supported:

  1. measures by which the quality of your dissertation can be improved;
  2. measures by which your personal qualifications and knowledge relevant to an academic career will be significantly improved and you will therefore be demonstrably able to be successful in face of international competition;
  3. measures by which your personal qualifications and knowledge relevant to a non-academic career will be significantly improved and therefore your chances for future employment will be increased significantly.


The Executive Committee of the Graduate Center will assess the information listed in points 1 - 3.

If you are uncertain whether the measure you are planning qualifies for a grant from the Graduate Center please contact Dr. Sabine Milde - even in the early stages of the planning process.

Funds will be paid for documented costs incurred for travel expenses, accommodation and the measure itself but not more than a total of 500,- Euro. Since overall funding is limited, not all applications can be approved or fully funded.

The Graduate Center's funding is particularly intended for doctoral candidates who do not have the possibility of securing 100% funding elsewhere. For this reason, the Graduate Center expects you to apply first to all possible funding organizations or sponsors relevant to your field. All possibilities of support from other parties have to be listed and documented.

Deadline for submitting applications:

Applications have to be submitted to the Graduate Center at least six weeks before the start of the measure. In very special cases exceptions are possible. Please contact  Dr. Sabine Milde before you submit an application.

Payment of grants via travel application

The Graduate Center grants will be allocated through Kiel University’s Travel Expenses Office, following the submission of your travel expenses statement. This means that when applying for funds from the Graduate Center you must submit a travel application even if you are a scholarship holder. In this case please enter “scholarship holder” in the space in the form marked “Personalnummer” (personnel number). Concerning other exceptions please contact the Graduate Center.

Application forms:

Please apply via our online portal.

If you are not yet registered with the Graduate Center you have to create a user account first.

Additionally you have to submit the following documents that you can find in our online portal:

supervisor's assessment (main supervisor according to the doctoral degree regulations)

confirmation by the institution you wish to visit

The application form created by the online portal as well as the supervisor's assessment, filled out completely and signed, must be submitted at least six weeks before the start of the measure to:
Geschäftsführung des Graduiertenzentrums der CAU Kiel, Leibnizstraße 3, 24118 Kiel or handed in at the CAU Main Gate, Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4 (in this instance please ask for a stamp of receipt).

Additionally you have to send the supervisor's assessment, filled out completely and signed, as a pdf to the Graduate Center via on time.

Applications that are not send to the Graduate Center as a hardcopy as well as in electronic form can not be processed.

Advice for completing the pdfs:

  • Please use the Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Save the pdf locally to edit the form at any time
  • Make sure that no text field is enabled when you save the pdf