The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board gives advice to the Executive Committee and supports the development of the doctorate at Kiel University. The members of the Advisory Board communicate the needs of the delegating institutions, faculties and/or groups. They are responsible for informing their institutions, faculties and/or groups of the Graduate Center's offers.


Representatives of the Faculties on the Advisory Board

Faculty of Law: Prof. Dr. Manfred Heinrich

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoyer

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science: Prof. Dr. Margret Sauter

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Rainer Duttmann

Faculty of Theology: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosenau

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Sabine Bobert

Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences: Prof. Dr. Frank Meisel

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Markus Haas

Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Dr. Bimba Franziska Hoyer

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Hanna Kaduszkiewicz

Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Prof. Dr. Martin Krieger

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Michael Düring

Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science: Prof. Dr. Awudu Abdulai

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Christian Jung

Faculty of Engineering: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hasselbring

Substitute: Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung


Advisory Board Representatives of the faculty-interconnecting doctoral programmes

Intergrated School of Ocean Sciences

Prof. Dr. Markus Bleich, Substitute: PD Dr. Avan Antia

ROOTS Young Academy

PD Dr. Mara Weinelt

International Max Planck Research School for Evolutionary Biology

Angela Donner, Substitute: Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schulenburg

IRTG "Proteases and Pathophysiology" within SFB 877 "Protein Cleavage for Regulation"

Dr. Christine Desel, Substitute: Prof. Dr. Christoph Becker-Pauly

IRTG within SFB 1261 "Magnetoelectric Sensors: Form Composite Materials to Biomagnetic Diagnostics"

Mona Stölting, Substitute: Prof. Dr. Jeffrey McCord

IRTG within SFB 1266 "TransformationsDimensionen - Mensch-Umwelt-Wechselwirkungen in prähistorischen und archaischen Gesellschaften"

Dr. Oliver Nakoinz, Substitute: N.N.

GRK 1743 "Genes, Enviornment and Inflammation"

Prof. Dr. Astrid Dempfle, Substitute: Prof. Dr. Andre Franke

GRK 2154 "Materials for Brain"

Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung, Stellvertretung: Dr. Tina Kerby

GRK 2501 "Translational Evolutionary Research"

Dr. Sabrina Koehler, Substitute: N.N.

Doctoral Programme "Quantitative Economics" (associated programme)

Dr. Rüdiger Voss, Substitute: N.N.


Representatives of the doctoral candidates on the Advisory Board

Danielle Harris (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

Substitute: Georgios Marinos (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

Tommy Breslein (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

Substitute: Igor Kindop (Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences)

Sascha Boelcke (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

Substitute: Askar Mukashov (Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences)

Bráulio Borges Barreiros (Faculty of Law)

Substitute: Leonard Siebert (Faculty of Engineering)

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