Persons of trust

Do you have difficulties with your supervising professor? Are you dealing with misunderstandings and conflicts about the duration of your doctoral studies, the extent  of your thesis, preparing your thesis for submission, the evaluation process? Do you require assistance in communicating your need for productive supervision and for an effective, stimulating academic exchange? Are you looking for orientation and guidance from a scholar or scientist who does not actively work in your field?

Or perhaps you are lacking the support you need from a professor at Kiel, and you and the Gradute Center staff are struggling to find a solution?

Two persons of trust have been assigned to the Graduate Center to mediate and give guidance in cases of difficulties or conflict related to doctoral studies. Professor Lieselotte Anderwald and Professor Wilhelm Hasselbring  were elected to this position by Kiel University's Senate, for a duration of two years. They will be happy to assist you.

 Prof. Dr. Lieselotte Anderwald
Prof. Dr. Anderwald
    Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hasselbring
Prof. Dr. Hasselbring


You can contact your person of trust as follows:

Please approach Dr. Sabine Milde via at the Graduate Center Office for a short talk (personally) to decide if asking for assistance from a person of trust would be helpful. In this way we can also recommend one of the persons of trust in particular, depending on your needs. After this initial interview you should contact the person of your choice by e-mail:

Professor Anderwald | Professor Hasselbring

In an initial talk – which is of course strictly confidential - you are welcome to explain your situation and then ask for further help. Your person of trust will assess the situation with you, and make suggestions on the next steps you can take to solve your problem. Alternatively, they might send you to another person who can assist you further. Professor Anderwald and Professor Hasselbring are also available to facilitate a talk with your supervisor, if you jointly decide that this would be the best course of action.

To begin with, please decide on either Professor Anderwald or Professor Hasselbring as your contact person; he/she will remain your contact person at first. If you need a second opinion or further expertise, the person in question can also be asked to join you. If either professor is absent, they will be represented by the other.

Our persons of trust are available for people from other status groups: professors and supervisors are also welcome to take advantage of their assistance.