About the Graduate Center

The Graduate Center is the central service unit of Kiel University for all doctoral candidates of the university. At Kiel University a doctoral candidate is a person that has been accepted as such by one of the faculties of the university and can provide this with the official acceptance letter of the respective faculty.

The University Board, the faculties, professors, coordinators of doctoral programmes and representatives of doctoral candidates have jointly defined the objectives and the organisational structure of the Graduate Center. It is the aim of the Graduate Center to secure a framework for high-quality doctorates at Kiel University in cooperation with the faculties and the doctoral candidates.

The Graduate Center is a central unit of Kiel University. Together the University Board, the faculties, the interdisciplinary doctoral programmes and the doctoral candidates form the Executive Committee. The Advisory Board has its main function in advising the Executive Committee. There is also an office.

Here you can find the statutes of the Graduate Center.

The Graduate Center offers doctoral candidates a transdisicplinary programme of courses as well as career planning events. It supports initiatives and the academic independence of registered users and contributes to the internationalisation of the doctorate. The service office of the office of the Graduate Center offers advice and consulting on the doctorate and on academic careers. Applicants applying for third-party funded doctoral programme may request support as well.

The Graduate Center does not process applications for doctoral projects. Persons interested in pursuing a doctorate at Kiel University are advised to contact potential supervisors directly and introduce themselves and their project.

On a wider regional level Kiel University is a member of UniWIND, an alliance of different universities to improve the training of young academics in Germany. These universities have implemented joint networks to support doctoral candidates and to improve the doctorate.

Support provided by the Graduate Center:

Interdisciplinary qualifications



Time desks

Specific support for doctoral candidates from abroad

Furthermore, the Graduate Center disseminates helpful information on offers and support at Kiel University and from external institutions.

If you have any questions please contact the Graduate Center’s office here.