Prize Winners

The doctoral candidates of Kiel University conduct research in many different areas on diverse topics. The results of their research attract attention inside and outside the university. On this page we would like to draw attention to doctoral candidates who have won prizes with their doctoral research projects.

Young Scientist Merck Award 2021 awarded to Dr. Jennifer Strehle

KLS Award for Early Career Postdocs 2020 awarded to Dr. Elisa Rosati

KiNSIS Kiel Nano Surface and Interface Science Doctorate Prizes 2020 awarded to Dr. Mark Dittner, Dr.-Ing. Phillip Durdaut, Dr. Morten Peters, Dr. Hamed Rajabi and Dr.-Ing. Alexander Vahl

Faculty Prizes 2019 of Kiel University

Dr. Peter Wulff receives the Gender Research Prize of Kiel University

Dr. Antonia Lüdtke receive the Aenne Liebreich-Prize

Dr. Marike Hansen receives the Gender Research Prize of Kiel University

Dr. Natalie Nobitz receives the Aenne-Liebreich-Prize

Faculty Prizes of Kiel University

Annika Fediuk is the first doctoral candidate to receive the certificate in science communication from Kiel University.

Dr. Claudia Stapelfeld is awarded the Gender Research Prize of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Dr. Martin Göllnitz is awarded the academic prize 2018 of the Bürgerstiftung Schleswig-Holstein (Citizens' Foundation Schleswig-Holstein) for his thesis „Der Student als Führer? Handlungsmöglichkeiten eines jungakademischen Funktionärskorps am Beispiel der Universität Kiel (1927-1945)“

Faculty Prizes and Gender Research Prize 2017 of Kiel University

Dr. Silvia Balatti receives the 25th Iran World Award for the Book of the Year

Beigel Doctorate Prize 2017 awarded to Dr. Jaydeep Bhat

Philippika-Prize 2017 awarded to Natalia Toma-Kansteiner (Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes") for her dissertation on "Marble and the Monumentalisation of the Urban Landscape of the Roman Cities"

Marie Sklodowska Curie Research Fellowship for Dr. Bettina Schulz Paulsson at the University of Gothenburg

Kiel Life Science-Postdoc Awards awarded to Dr. Camilo Barbosa (for best non-medical research) to Dr. Marcus Schewe (for best medical research)

Klas Lüders best young researcher 2017 of the Bundesverband Geothermie

Historian Dr. Sebastian Schlund awarded German Study Prize 2017 of the Körber Foundation

Leverhulme Prize in Archaeology 2016 to Dr. Manuel Fernandez-Götz (Alumnus of the Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes")

Faculty Prizes and Gender Research Prize 2016 of Kiel University

Sebastian Jagdmann awarded the Förderpreis of the Bruhn Foundation 2015

Johanna Mestorf-Prize 2015 awarded to Dr. Silvia Balatti (Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes")

Dr. Björn van Roye awarded the Science Prize 2014 of the Deutsche Bundesbank


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