Who let the docs out? - Vorlage engl.

WLTDO 2014

We let the docs out: we have a date for 2014 now!

After an intense and productive first half year 2014 we would like to introduce everybody to a relaxed get-together, our annual doctoral candidates's summer party on 3 July 2014.

We will provide the grills and first drinks, you bring along your favourite food and drinks and, if you like, even some music, and we can spend a nice evening together. Please let us know at docs-gettogether@uv.uni-kiel.de if you are coming and what you are planning to bring along so we can coordinate everything. You can just drop by as well!

This year's motto is "CREATIVE CAMPUS". If you would like to know what it means and how you can participate, come along to our summer party...

You also should not miss the "Science Show" of one of your fellow doctoral candidates and, since it is the summer of the football world championship, our table top football tournament "Which country is going to win the PhD world championship 2014?"!

We are looking forward to seeing you:

The doctoral candidates' representation

The Docs Net and Get-Together tutors

The staff of the Graduate Center and the International Center, www.eventsforphd.uni-kiel.de

Location: On the campus between the buildings Leibnizstr. 1 and 3