Who let the docs out? - 2016

The Graduate Center’s summer fête 2016 had as its motto adopted the idea of the “international family “.

Therefore, it got cosy: We had chairs and tables to sit at and said goodbye to uncomfortable beer tent furniture; we even had genuine dishes and tableware – instead of the ever-present plastic ones! And we planned for board games!

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee











This evening also proposed a chance to be creative: Sideway chalk awaited all of you, ready for creating the CAU’s best artwork of the year and our “creative corner” / “open stage” was ready for all authors, singers and musicians among you to either present your original work or your favourites of others!

The evening was rounded off by a so called “Tauschbörse” – a swap meet in the name of sustainability, where you can being what you no longer want or need for yourself and exchange it for something else. 

Additionally, new posters from “Docs and the City – Places and Faces”, the photo project concerning favourite places in Kiel of doctoral candidates from abroad as well as from Germany, were shown.

… and of course we’ll had our famous international buffet and there was an ample opportunity for grilling as well!