M.O.I.N.! (Meeting Other Interesting New People) - Kiel University’s Language Partnership

Target audience: All faculty and administration members of Kiel University


Learn each other’s language from one another!

Die Sprache der Anderen – Voneinander lernen!

De andras språk - att lära sig av varandra!

La lengua de los demás - aprender juntos!

Nauczyć się języków obcych od siebie nawzajem!


La langue des autres - apprendre mutuellement



You're seeking to learn a new language or improve your German skills in a relaxed atmosphere and beyond the institutional framework? Then the language exchange program M.O.I.N. (Meeting Other Interesting New People) is just the thing for you!

A personal tandem partnership offers many advantages: You can learn the relaxed approach to a foreign language in every day situations. Practice to listen, understand and speak as well as expand your foreign language skills.

The M.O.I.N. Project wishes to build a bridge between researchers and employees from all other fields of the university, as well as promote mutual understanding, cultural insight and acceptance. The international and multicultural group of doctoral students from numerous countries across the globe live in Kiel and contribute in a very special way to making foreign cultures and their languages come alive.

Within the scope of the M.O.I.N. project and due to common interests and joint activities friendships can and have developed. This especially can help provide foreign doctoral students with an easier start in Kiel. The M.O.I.N. project does not merely offer language learning but also offers the opportunity to make the city of Kiel and the Kiel university a place where you not only work but also live and feel at home.

During the regular M.O.I.N. events we will do our very best to assist you in finding a suitable Tandem partner and also give you tips and advice for further meetings. Experienced Tandem partners are also very welcome at our meetings and can gladly talk about their encounters with the M.O.I.N. project.

The next meeting: 22.02.2018/ 6pm in the Leibnizstraße 1
(you will receive more information about the location after registration)
Topic: Movie-Night
Please register until 19 February: hiwi-tandem@uv.uni-kiel.de


M.O.I.N. Is a cooperation project between the Graduiertenzentrum and the staff unit Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung.

If you are interested in participating or have any further questions do not hesitate to contact Tanja Zehmke: tzehmke@uv.uni-kiel.de