Docs and the City

Celia Ehlke






Celia Ehlke

Concept, project leader and photography


New! Especially selected favourite place now permanently on show at the Central City Library Kiel / Zentralbücherei


Central City Library Kiel
Zentralbücherei Kiel

Neues Rathaus
Andreas-Gayk-Straße 31
24103 Kiel

Monday 13pm - 19 pm
Tuesday to Friday 10 am- 19 pm
Saturday 10 am - 14 pm

Free entry!

The picture can be found close to the first info desk.


press releases (German only):


LH Kiel - Zentralbücherei ist ein Kieler Lieblingsplatz

Uni Kiel  |  „Mein Kiel!“: Lieblingsplatz Stadtbücherei

Uni Kiel  |  „Mein Kiel!“: Ausstellung zeigt Ortsgeschichten und Gesichter aus der Stadt

Uni Kiel  |  „Mein Kiel!“: Heimat in der Fremde


Uni Kiel  |  ...und was ist Dein Lieblingsplatz?


Docs and the City offers you a fabulous opportunity to discover Kiel anew!  Our photo exhibition "Places and Faces" features favourite places of doctoral canditates from abroad as well as from Germany. Our aim is to collect a diverse kaleidoscope of places in which one feels welcome and at home. Our guiding question is: ... and what is your favourite place?


About Celia Ehlke:


Studied at the CAU in Kiel, finished as Magistra Artium
Subjects Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology, Philosophy, and Classical Archaeology
Currently writing a PhD within the subject area of ‘Archaeology, Museums and the Public: Modalities and Strategies of the Transfer of Knowledge’

concept and curatorship of the special exhibition 'Slawen in Plön: Kriege, Kult und Chroniken' ('Slavs at Plön: Combat, Cult and Chronicles'; 2006/2007 Plön; 2008 Kiel)

guided tours through the Museum of Archaeology
in Lübeck (2005 – closing down of the museum 2011)

journalistic writer for the paper "unizeit" (since April 2014)

concept, project management and photos for "Docs and the City - Places and Faces" (since May 2015)

city tours through Kiel and Lübeck in English and German

lectures about Schleswig-Holstein in English and German



 var. in: Mönche, Märkte und Matrosen. Kiel: Ein stadtgeschichtlicher Rundgang (2004).

var. in: M. Gläser (Hrsg.), Slawen in Plön. Kriege Kult und Chroniken. Katalog zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung (2006).