Further institutions

On this page we would like to inform you about the various units of Kiel University as well as outside institutions that offer courses and further education training for doctoral candidates as well as public colloquia and lecture series featuring topics from various subjects at Kiel University and associated institutions which might be of interest to you.


Philosophy of science at Graduate Center (in German)
Career Center
University Library
Computational Sciences Center
University Computing Center (RZ)
Geographical Information Systems
Continuing Education in the Food Sector "Food Facts"
University association of Schleswig-Holstein
Guest auditor concept

Colloquia and Lecture Series:

Medicine, natural, agricultural, life and technical sciences
Interdisciplinary colloquia and lecture series
Lectures for members of all faculties
humanities and social sciences
Colloquia for doctoral candidates

External providers:

North German Seminar for Radiation Protection
Employment Agency Kiel, Team Academic Professions
FTZ West - Coastal Research Laboratory
Miscellaneous offers

If you would like to publicize a colloquium of your institute or a lecture series on this webpage please contact us.