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Welcome to the pages of the Graduate Center dealing with the doctorate at Kiel University. In order to complete your doctorate successsfully you should pay attention not just to your research project but also to a number of different organizational and administrative issues. On our "Best practice doctorate" pages we have put together all kinds of information you might find useful if you have any questions.

If you have not yet started your doctorate or if you are thinking of doing a doctorate here at Kiel University please note that in order to do so you need a supervisor for your research project and your thesis. Here in Germany it is perfectly acceptable if you contact potential supervisors directly, with whom you can then discuss potential research projects. A substantial abstract is not necessary; topics and sketches are, however, welcome. You should also make sure that you arrive here with sufficient funds that cover the whole of your doctorate. If you are interested in applying for a DAAD scholarship please visit that organization's website for more information. The duration of a doctorate differs from subject to subject - it usually takes three to five years, while doctorates in medicine and law can be significantly shorter.

Kiel University does not charge fees. We only accept applications for scholarships from doctoral candidates who already have a supervisor at Kiel University and who have been officially accepted for a doctorate by one of the faculties.

The Graduate Center does not organize supervision, does not pass on requests to potential supervisors and does not organize funding. We offer consulting if you would like to submit an application for funding to a German funding organization, but you will have to write the application and collect the necessary documents yourself.

The Graduate Center is the central service unit of Kiel University for all doctoral candidates of the university. At Kiel University a doctoral candidate is a person that has been accepted as such by one of the faculties of the university and can provide this with the official acceptance letter of the respective faculty.

The Graduate Center and the International Center have put together useful information for doctoral candidates from abroad, which you can find here.


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