Workshop „Intercultural Diversity – Blessing or Curse?“

Date: Tuesday 25 March 2014, Location: Seminarraum Internationales Begegnungszentrum (IBZ) close to Feldstraße, 5min walk from the UKSH campus

Target group: Doctoral candidates in medicine, interested medical doctors and scientists of every nationality

Goal: Promotion of intercultural teams and communication- insight into their dynamics and benefits


6:55 pm    Welcome by our doctoral candidates Mohamed Mekhemar (Dentistry), and Dr. Mohamed El-Essawy (Obstetrics-Gynecology)

7:00 pm    Statement talk on “Why intercultural teams and communication are fruitful and highly important elements for the productivity and function of (large) institutions like Universities and Clinics” given by: Dr. Karim El Sayed (Dentistry)

7:25 pm    Expert talk: “The challenges of multicultural teamwork: A closer look on underlying social psychological processes”, Dr. Anne Bachmann

Moderation: Mohamed Mekhemar and Dr. Mohamed El-Essawy