The time desk

Important notice: Because of the current restrictions we have modified this programme. In order to protect you and your families we only allocate one time desk per room. Because of this measure we cannot offer as many time desks as usual, which is why you can use the time desk only for three months; a renewal is not possible. If you are interested in using a time desk please send an e-mail to the following address: Please list the usual information concerning your person and your doctorate and describe concisely why and when you need this office space. We also need a supporting statement from your supervisor. Please note that you have to be registered with the Graduate Center to submit an application.


Are you working on a thesis that requires that you are present at your institute or the library for a limited time period? Do you need your own office space to finish your thesis, write up a publication or analyze research data? Are there other reason why you need office space on campus for a limited period of time?

The Graduate Center offers doctoral candidates at Kiel University who do not have a quiet work place at their institute or on the university campus and guests that cooperate with doctoral candidates the opportunity to use a so-called time desk in rooms in the building Leibnizstr. 3, which is located near the faculty building and the university library.

Time desks are allocated on the basis of an application for a period of  three months; a renewal for up to three month may be possible under certain cirumstances. A further renewal is not possible. During your doctorate you can apply for a time-desk more than once, however. The Graduate Center recommends that you use this as a tool to structure your doctorate and your work flow and to illustrate this in your application.

You can have a look at our folder here.

The office of the "Integrated School of Ocean Sciences", the doctoral candidates of the Excellence Cluster ROOTS " and the doctoral programme "Quantitative Economics" with their doctoral candidates are also located in the building Leibnizstr. 3, thus connecting the different academic cultures at Kiel University. The Continuing Professional Development Center and the Career Centre can be found there as well.

Many events and courses on soft skills take place in the neighbouring building Leibnizstr. 1.

You can find more information on the building, the equipment of the time desks and the lending periods here.

We would be delighted to welcome you at Leibnizstr. 3!

Please note that you have to register with the Graduate Center in order to apply for a time desk.