Equipment and lending periods

Lending periods:

Up to three months -  a renewal for a further three months may be possible in certain cases. A second application for a time desk requires a different reason than the one stated in the first.

Equipment of the working spaces:

  • Desk with chair and lockable mobile filing cabinet as well as lockable cabinet with wardrobe
  • Persons with special needs are welcome to contact the office of the Graduate Center
  • Equipment like a computer or a printer has to be provided by the user

Equipment of the offices:

  • Office furniture consisting of desks, cupboards and bookshelves
  • For common use a telephone and 1 or 2 cupboards (depending on the room size) are provided

Equipment of the office building at Leibnizstraße 3:

  • WIFI: Usuable through your stu-account
  • Network printer, scanner and fotocopier: Your institute has to activate a user account for you. You should also discuss with the insitute who pays the bill
  • On each floor a kitchen with a social room
  • Conference rooms for up to 4, 12 or 20 persons (bookable through the Graduate Center's office)
You can find our time desk folder here