Project Funding


German AIDS Foundation

The German AIDS Foundation especially supports projects in the areas of pedagogy, sociology and medicine.


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports doctoral candidates by funding student assistants from the USA, Canada or Great Britain, to support dissertation work in the natural sciences and engineering.

Deutsches Jugendinstitut      funding guidelines of the DJI

The “Deutsche Jugendinstitut (DJI)“ works especially regarding children, young adults, families and questions of gender. It supports research and training stays.


Dechema - Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.

Note: Applications for Dechema grants can be made by postdoctoral candidates, junior professors and professors, as well as by heads of department at non-university research institutions.

Stiftung Bildung und Wissenschaft

Note: The Foundation “Bildung und Wissenschaft” supports projects in the areas of economic and social history.

Care-for-Rare Foundation

Care-for-Rare fördert medizinische Forschungsprojekte mit Schwerpunkt auf Krankheiten des Blutes und des Immunsystems


Fördert Forschungsprojekte auf dem Gebiet der Verfahrenstechnik der industriellen Frisch- und Abwasseraufbereitung

Wenner-Gren Foundation

The Foundation supports through Dissertation Fieldwork Grants research that demonstrates a clear link to anthropological theory and debates. There is no preference for any methodology, research location, or subfield.

Merck Research Grants

Research grants are offered in the following 4 research areas: Healthy Lives/Drug Discovery, Life Reimagined/Synthetic Biology, Materials & Solutions, Digitalization/Computing

Trajectories of Change

Historical and current transformation processes in the European neighborhood


Förderung zur Netzhautforschung


Finanzieller Zuschuss für Aufwendungen im Rahmen einer Promotion

Add-On Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Life Sciences by Joachim Herz Foundation

Conducting interdisciplinary research in the life sciences for a greater insight into related disciplines

ESA - Spin your Thesis

This programme offers the opportunity to perform scientific or technological research in hypergravity conditions by using a Large Diameter Centrifuge (LDC) in a number of fields such as biology, biochemistry, microbiology, optical physics, material sciences, fluid dynamics, geology and plasma physics. 

ESA - Drop your Thesis

This programme offers the opportunity to perform scientific or technological research in microgravity conditions by using the ZARM Drop tower.