Internal Funding

Funding from the Graduate Center at Kiel University

Grants for measures shaping your personal profile

Grants for self-organized small workshops

Grants for travelling expenses for research stays and conference visits

When planning your research activities please pay attention to the different measures against the corona virus. You can find Kiel University's regular updates here. The official information of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein is posted here. The German Foreign Ministry regularly publishes travel warnings here.
Kiel University expects you to follow the above-mentioned regulations strictly. Doctoral candidate with an employment contract must get their supervisor's permission for their travels. Doctoral candidates without an employment contract can decide for themselves if they wish to commence their trips.
The Graduate Center's travel grant constitutes part of the funding of a business trip and is therefore important for the approval of the respective trip. Once the travel grant is approved it cannot be rescinded at will. It is the responsibility of the supervisor if a travel grant is paid out once the trip is completed or has been cancelled. The Graduate Center cannot influence this decision and there cannot exercise a separate duty of care.

Kiel University internal funding

Payment of open access publications fees

Federal State funding at Kiel University

Doctoral scholarships of the Faculty of Medicine

Financial assistance for doctoral candidates from abroad

Alumni und Freunde der CAU e.V.

Foundations of Kiel University

Funding from affiliated institutions

You can apply generally for funding from any foundation at Kiel University or you can apply to a specific foundation. The decision-making committee will assign applications to the relevant foundations. Backdated approvals are possible.

You can find informtion about the taxation of scholarships here.