Federal State Funding at Kiel University

Kiel University grants federal state funding to doctoral candidates in accordance with the Landesverordnung zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Nachwuchses (StpVO) vom 14.12.2009. The Landesverordnung lists all requirements you need to fulfill in order to be granted a scholarship.

Please note that you are not eligible for a scholarship if you have received funding for your doctorate from public institutions before.

Funding in the form of federal state grant is at present EUR 900 a month and will be paid at the beginning of the month. The grant is awarded initially for the duration of one year and can be renewed for another year.

A translation of the Landesverordnung is not available. The Graduate Center's office will provide you with help if needed.

How and when to apply?

Your written application including all the attachments listed below should be handed in at the dean's office of your faculty by 28 February (funding begins on 1 July) or 30 September (funding begins on 1 January the following year). Please note that doctoral candidates from the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences must comply with different deadlines: they must submit their applications to the dean's office by 31 January or 31 August.
Applications for the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences have to be handed in personally at the dean's office.

  • Letter of application
  • Chronological C.V.
  • Copy of your examination results
  • Two recommendation letters including one of your supervising professor at Kiel University
  • Abstract of your proposed doctoral research including the current state of your research and a time and working plan
  • Short summary of your abstract (max. 1/3 page)


The dean's offices may request further documents.

Please note that you are responsible that your application is submitted by the respective deadline. In order to ensure this you may ask for a date stemp for your application or you may send in your application as a registered letter. In order to meet the above-mentioned deadlines you may also hand in your application at the university's main gate at Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4.; in this case please ask for a date stamp.

Selection procedure

At first your application will be surveyed by the respective Faculty's Commission. The Central Commission will then decide on the final awarding of grants. Finally you will receive a letter of approval or rejectionl.

Since this procedure will take several weeks, we ask you to refrain from queries concerning your application's status.

Applications for an extension of funding

Applications for an extension of funding have to be submitted to the dean's office by the date stated in your letter of approval.

Instead of an abstract it is sufficient to hand in a work and time plan covering the funding period you are applying for, as well as a statement detailing the progress of your work, especially which results have been achieved in what timeframe. In addition a statement of your supervising professor about the progress of your work has to be handed in.

Please note that application for a third year of funding will only be granted in very special cirumstances.


For further questions on the Federal State Grants send an e-mail to consulting@gz.uni-kiel.de.