Financial support

There are many different possibilites for doctoral candidates to raise funds for their research projects. Apart from Kiel University publicly funded organizations as well as public and private foundations regularly announce funding for doctoral research projects in Germany and abroad. In order to make the search for external funding easier for you we have listed numerous funding opportunities on these pages.

Kiel University provides funding for research projects through the Graduate Center as well as a number of foundations. You can find more information here.

In order to make the search for external funding easier we have listed various funding opportunities here.

The Graduate Center regularly publishes information about announcements for funds or conferences for doctoral candidates - please go to our page External Events and Funding.

Postdocs have the possibility of applying for funding from the Graduate Center for up to six months after the last oral doctoral examination. The activity that is being supported must be concluded in these six months.

For doctoral candidates in jurisprudence the Graduate Center has developed a guide on how to apply for scholarships.