The Certificate Programme

During the certificate programme "Science Communication" doctoral candidates learn to communicate their personal research topics in a generally understandable way. They also learn how to encourage others to think critically and autonomously. This includes the experience of self-efficacy as well as a discussion of the chances and limitations of one's role as a science communicator.


  • Proof of participation in events that can be credited for the certificate (recognizable by a reference in the announcements of events by the Graduate Center) to the amount of 144 full hours/ work units or 18 events days (1 event day = 8 work units/ WU)
  • Generally doctoral candidates should participate in these events during the doctorate, i.e. during a period of two to four years. The attainment of the certificate at Kiel University is generally possible across different academic degrees (for more information see the section "General information")
  • Credits can be awarded for work already performed (amount will be calculated in work units)


General information

  • The attainment of the certificate is possible during the transition from academic studies to the doctorate (cooperation between the Graduate Center and the Key Skills Centre). Work performed during academic studies can be given credit as follows: 1 ECTS = 30 full hours/ Work units = 30 WU
  • Moreover it is also possible to acquire the certificate during the transition to the postdoc period for up to two years after the (final) successfully completed oral examination for the doctoral degree. This applies even if you are not working at Kiel University anymore.
  • Students that have been accepted at the Key Skills Centre for the specialization in science communication may participate in a limited number of courses of the Graduate Center that are then credited for the science communication certificate (see respective note in the announcements for the particular courses). Students should register with a mail sent to, stating the name of the course as subject.
  • Doctoral candidates registered with the Graduate Center, specifically for the science communication qualification programme (request for an admission interview via email to Dr. Sabine Milde), may participate in a limited number of courses of the Key Skills Centre if these have been identified as courses for the specialization science communication.
  • Doctoral candidates may get credit for the participation in selected courses of the Graduate Center´s Philosophy for Doctoral Candidates, after prior consultation with Dr. Sabine Milde.
  • The programme starts bilingual. A fully English programme will probably be available in 2020.
  • A list of Graduate Center events can be found here. Events that can be credited for the certificate programme are identified with a respective note in the course annoncement.


You can find further information about the structure and the sequence of the certificate here.



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