The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the realization of the duties and responsibilities of the Graduate Center.


Representative for the University Board of Kiel University:

Schwarz 7zu6

Prof Dr Karin Schwarz

Vice president for research, technology tranfer and young reseachers


Representative for the faculties of Kiel University:

Kaeppel 7zu6

Prof Dr Lutz Käppel

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, classical philology/ greek
Vice coordinator of the Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes"


Representative for the doctoral programmes at Kiel University:

Quaas 7zu6

Prof Dr Martin Quaas

Head of the doctoral program "Quantitative Economics" at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences


Representative of the doctoral candidates at Kiel University:

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

Jannes Klee

Doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Substitute: Özgür Uludag