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The Graduate Center's services and qualification offers are developed and optimized according to your needs. To support us in this and to keep up-to-date, please register with the Graduate Center.

The services of the Graduate Center are available only to registered users. A registration is only possible if you are a doctoral candidate at the university or if your programme or your institution are affiliated with the university. 

In order to inform you quickly and comprehensively about our offers and services we require a valid e-mail address. Please enter a Kiel University e-mail address if possible. If applying for a Kiel University e-mail address you can choose between a so-called student account (you can find more information about this option in this pdf-file - please scroll down to the English version) or an institute e-mail address (the University's Computing Center's instructions are available in German only). Please don't forget to inform us about any changes in your mailing addresses, whether postal or electronic.

 Online Registration:

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