The Graduate Center’s Family Representative

Are you a parent or caring for a family member and you are looking for ways on how to combine work and family? Are you a doctoral candidate and expecting a child? Are you planning on having a child during your doctorate? Or are you already a parent and are planning a doctorate?

The Family Service of Kiel University is happy to help you with the many questions and problems that you might have and that might arise in the future. You can find a lot of information and helpful advice on the Family Service’s webpage and in its new brochure Hochschule und Familie (“University and Family” – in German only).

In addition Kiel University, which has been certified as a “family-oriented university”, has appointed commissioners for family affairs for every faculty, for the excellence programmes and also for the Graduate Center. The commissioners function as an interface between the Family Service office and the various institutions and make important contributions to the planning and implementation of family topics in the framework of the family-oriented university.

If you are a doctoral candidate at Kiel University or are planning on doing a doctorate the Graduate Center’s family representative is your contact person for questions on how to combine your doctorate and your family. Please do not hesitate to make suggestions about this issue, which will be forwarded to the persons in charge, or to ask for advice if faced with difficulties. The family representative can also help you in your search for the right contacts.

The family representative liaises with the Doctoral Candidates’ Representation as well. They discuss relevant topics and forward pertinent information, e.g. suggestions for improvements.

The Graduate Center’s family representative is:

Aiymgul Kachyke

You are welcome to contact Ms Kachyke via her email adress:



New information brochure of Kiel University:

Hochschule und Familie (University and Family – in German only)

There is a new information brochure available to all members of the University which deals with how to combine studies and work with family, including a chapter on care. Students, doctoral candidates and teaching staff as well as employees, superiors, trainees and public servants (Beamte) can find various information on this topic.

Weekly story for reading aloud from the Stiftung Lesen (Foundation Reading)

You can join the mailing list for a weekly story for reading aloud to children. You will then be send the stories.

You can find more information here (in German only).