Who let the docs out?

Who let the docs out? 2019

This year the Graduate Center’s annual summer fête 2019 was part of the International Day 2019 at Kiel University.
This evening proposed a chance to get to know about each others fields of resaerch through a Science Show Speed dating. In short intervalls of time everyone rotated and aswerd questions and talked to each other.
And of course we had our famous international buffet as well. Among others delicaties from countires as far as Mexico and Thailand whre provided by our doctoral candidates.

SommerfestSommerfest 2019 II


Hosts: Tutors of the Graduate Center and the International Center


2016 our annual summer party took place on July 15th, 2016. Despite the cool weather the docs had a lot of fun, particularly with the grill.


Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

Foto: Karina Iwe

In 2015 our summer party "Who let the docs out?" combined Kiel University's campus festival and Graduate Center's fifth anniversary on 22 May!


This is an event that should become a tradition - and so the summer party 2014 again was a great succes.


In July 2013 we introduced our annual summer party "Who let the docs out?" to offer an exciting conclusion to a intensive and productive first half year in the Docs Build Bridges programme.


We spent a wonderful evening in a relaxed atmosphere and in interesting company, enjoying food and drinks from all over the world.