Who let the docs out? - 2014

Who let the Docs out? is back: On 7 July 2014 the doctoral candidates celebrated their annual summer party, along with the Doctoral Candidates' Representation and the Graduate Center's team.

WLTDO 2014

The theme of this year's summer party was »CREATIVE CAMPUS« - How different perspectives on same things can create new ideas. Doaa Tawfik El-Sheikh inspired a creative atmosphere with numerous proposals - she organized a scavenger hunt as well as a search for a mascot for the Graduate Center. 

Doaa Tawfik El-Sheikh and Sabine Milde making last arrangements concerning the Creative Campus.

 Doaa und Sabine










Of course, at an university's summerparty, science plays a big part as well: Three »Science Shows« completed the evening.

The first talk titled: »Endlich ein Grund zur Panik?/ Finally a reason to panic? « was given by Lars Schilling. He put the focus on the media and the way in which these can produce panic in the public.

  Science Show 1

Sven Form continued with the main theme of the  »CREATIVE CAMPUS« by asking the question: »Wer von uns ist kreativ?/ Whom of us is creative?«

Science Show 2


The later the evening, the more ... »Science Shows« ! Ricardo Fernandez ended the talks with his reflections on the radiochemical age assessment or »Dr. Strangelove revisited: How atomic bombs can help to solve a mystery!«.

Science Show 3



...and all of them could count on an intently listening audience.




Another highlight was the table soccer tournament »PhD table top football world championship 2014«. Here you can observe a hot match between Mexico, Tajikistan and Poland.


What would a party be without proper food?

This year there again could be found culinary highlights from all over the world. Here there are: pizza from Italy, pasta salad from Estonia and a wonderful chocolate cake - which tastes great all over the world...




The salads came with:

all that could be prepared on a barbecue.