Who let the docs out? - 2013


The summer party "Who let the docs out?" posed a wonderful ending to a busy and productive first half year of the Docs Build Bridges programm. Many people showed up to celebrate.

Gruppe Sommerfest 2013

The Graduate Center and International Center provided the drinks. Many PhDs brought their national and international dishes: unforgotten are Nigel Slater’s delicious brown lentil salad, spicy tabouleh with carrots and apples and other international salads. We served juicy fruit skewers in between and ended the day and dinner with heavenly Mousse au Chocolat.

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Collage Gerichte Sommerfest 2013

Of cause the partey didn’t lack for grillables. The grills were in use all the time under the very competent handling of Dilshod and cheering assistance of Marta.

Grillmeister Sommerfest 2013

The high point of the party was Chinese doctoratal candidate Yuming who sang a beautiful Chinese song for us and performed several wonderful pieces on his saxophone.

Yuming 2 Sommerfest 2013

Yuming 1 Sommerfest 2013

At our insistent request there was an encore later in the evening.

Yuming 3 Sommerfest 2013

We ate and drank a lot while having a chat and a good laugh until the late hours.

Gespräche Sommerfest 2013

Gespräche 2 Sommerfest 2013

Gespräche 3 Sommerfest 2013

It was a very successful evening with many friends and new acquaintances, who we are looking for to seeing in our next term!