FAQ - Docs Talks

How do you define "culture"?

“Culture” is a term containing many aspects. Where exactly you put the emphasis and what you sum up under it varies from person to person.

That’s why for this platform you can decide individually what "culture" means to you and what aspects of it you want to convey. This could be cultural role models, perspectives or even a recommendation for cultural events.

In what format does this platform allow me to present my home culture or my inter-cultural experiences?

You are free to choose if you would like to present your home culture or inter-cultural experiences as a talk, seminar, lecture, during a workshop or in other forms. Furthermore the time of your presentation is adjustable. Docs Talk could be a regularly happening event in the evening or at lunchtime. According to the number of participants it could take place weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or en bloc.

What audience do we aim at?

There is no pre-defined target audience. You are free to choose your own by inviting, for example, other doctoral candidates, students or colleagues and friends. A further possibility is to talk to the public at large.

How long should my presentation be?

The duration of your presentation depends on your chosen format. For example, talks could last about 20-40 minutes whereas a workshop contribution with interactive elements could easily last 60 minutes.

Can I present in English?

Absolutely. Docs Talks promotes inter-cultural exchange of German and foreign doctoral candidates and therefore feel free to present in English.

Is child care available?

We can arrange childcare in the case of active participation. Please contact us at least four weeks beforehand for this.

Where can I get help, preparing my presentation?

There are various possibilities to get support while preparing your presentation. Have a look at  Events and QualificationsDocs Know How  or the  Continuing Education Unit.