Docs know how!


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During our lifetime we always run into unforseen problems or unanswered questions. To help us out we need others stepping in with their skills and  know how.

Docs know how!” is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills between doctoral candidates. Here you can the expertise of other doctoral candidates , here you can register your own  if you are available for consulting.

Courses from Docs for Docs

Here you can find information about current and past events where doctoral candidates, registered to the Graduate Center, teach other (future) docs their knowledge, skills and experiences.

If you yourself have skills you would like teach, maybe in a workshop, please feel free to contact us.

Current events:

08 Jun 2016: Docs Know How! - Applying for doctoral scholarships


Past Events:

11 Dec 2015: Docs Know How! - Applying for doctoral scholarships

04 Dec 2015.: Docs Know How! - Grundkurs in Adobe "InDesign"