Docs Build Bridges

With "Docs Build Bridges" we would like to give you the chance to meet other doctoral candidates at Kiel University. For this purpose we offer you the following services.

Here you can download our Docs Build Bridges leaflet as a PDF-file.


Conversational German: German language course

Target group: Doctoral candidates from abroad and their non-German partners

The course topics are chosen based on your needs: What do you need to get along better in German in your everyday life? Your questions about special topics and problems will be addressed. The main focus will be on pronunciation and speaking.


Doc Pilots: Organizational support

Target group: Doctoral candidates from abroad

The Doc Pilots offer doctoral candidates from abroad individual personal support in organizational matters (apartment search, childcare, dealing with the city administration, etc.) at the beginning of and during their doctoral studies at Kiel University.


Docs Get-Together: Get-to-know meetings

Target group: National and international doctoral candidates

Please note that all Docs Get-Together meetings have been cancelled because of the Corona pandemic. We will inform when they will be resumed.

You would like to spend a nice and relaxed evening with other young researchers, exchange your experiences and make new friends? Twice a month you have the opportunity to do so at the “Docs Get-Together”!

Once a year there’s a special “Docs Get-Together”: The "Who let the docs out?" summer party.


M.O.I.N.! Meeting Other Interesting New People: Language tandem

Target group: national and international doctoral candidates as well as staff members of Kiel University in administration and research

You would like to participate in a language and cultural exchange with other (international) staff members of Kiel University? Within the language tandem M.O.I.N. (Meeting Other Interesting New People) you can practice listening, understanding and speaking a foreign language in a relaxed atmosphere and meanwhile expand your foreign language skills. Moreover the personal contacts between the tandem partners can build bridges between two cultures and due to joint activities friendships can develop.


Who let the docs out?: Summer party

Target group: national and international doctoral candidates

Since a doctorate and research are often very labour-intensive celebrate once a year the “Docs Build Bridges” summer party with you! We invite you to celebrate a productive first half of the year with other doctoral candidates during this little timeout.


Docs and the City: … and what is your favorite place?

Target group: national and international doctoral candidates

The photo exhibition „Docs and the City – Places and Faces / Mein Kiel! – Lieblingsplätze Kieler Doktorand_innen” presents a diverse kaleidoscope of favourite places that have a special meaning for doctoral candidates from Kiel University. Places where they feel particularly welcome, that are little spots of “Heimat” (home away from home). This very personal collection of favorite places invites you to experience your city in a new perspective.


Docs Talks: Intercultural exchange

Target group: national and international doctoral candidates

You would like to present your culture to other doctoral candidates in an event format chosen by yourself? Or do you deal – e.g. during your doctoral reserach – with a foreign culture and you would like to share your knowledge? Cultural models, perspectives or recommendations – we are interested what culture means to you.


Docs go Science Show: Learning to present

Target group: national and international doctoral candidates

By participating in the Science Show you can learn to give an audience outside of your subject area an impression of your exciting research done at Kiel University in short and comprehensible lectures.


Docs go TEDx: Project management in practice

Target group: national and international doctoral candidates

TEDxKielUniversity is an international conference organized voluntarily by students and doctoral candidates about topics with personal and social relevance. The event takes place in English in Kiel on a regular basis – along the way the talks are being recorded to make them available on the internet on the international TEDx YouTube channel to a wider audience afterwards. Become part of the organizing team and learn what project management means in practice!


The Docotral Candidates‘ Representation: Your voice!

Taget group: national and international doctoral candidates

The Doctoral Candidates' Representation is the voice of the doctoral candidates of Kiel University on the University committees Executive Committee and Advisory Board of the Graduate Center. Contact them, in case you have ideas and feedback about the activities of the Graduate Center or when you have questions related to your doctorate at Kiel University. They will pass on your feedback on to both University committees.