Docs and the City - Places and Faces


... and what is your favourite place?


"Docs and the City - Places and Faces" is a photography project picturing favourite places located in Kiel by doctoral candidates from abroad as well as from Germany. Our aim is a diverse kaleidoscope of places in which one feels welcome and at home.

Our guiding question is: ... and what is your favourite place? 


Because isn’t it so that we pass thousands of places in our life time but just a very few of them grow to be special? What designates a favourite place? What characteristics does it have? When do you go there? Whom do you share it with? Docs and the City invites you to discover the city together. Let us turn Kiel not only into a city where you live and work, but into a little spot of personal Heimat

as well!

Curious now?


Concept, project management and photography: Celia Ehlke



link to press release (German only)