Research priority areas & certificate programs

Philosophy for Doctoral Candidates invites doctoral candidates of all departments and disciplines interested in working on the philosophical dimensions of their projects. Each semester the program offers a seminar investigating seminal philosophical questions and positions via classical and contemporary texts as well as via individual project presentations by the participants.

In the certificate programme Science Communication, doctoral researchers learn to communicate their own research topics comprehensibly and to encourage others to self-determined, critical questioning. This also includes experiencing self-efficacy and dealing with the opportunities and limitations of one's own role as a science communicator in research.

The certificate programme Innovation Competence is intended to enable doctoral researchers to systematically acquire and expand practice-oriented competences in foundation, research transfer and innovation. It should represent the participants’ own practical work in this area, the experience they have gained and the knowledge they have acquired. Through acquisition of practical and systemic knowledge, the programme is useful for further career paths within and outside the university.