Online courses & webinars

The well-known academic journal "Nature" offers a number of online courses, among them a course on the peer review. Peer review is a process to ensure the quality of an academic article or paper, in which the article or paper in question is evaluated by an independent reviewer from the same discipline. The course introduces the peer review system, shows how to write peer review reports and explains the ethical implications of the peer review. A registration is necessary.

During the corona crisis some of the courses of the Graduate Center are available online. The advertisements for these courses contain the term ONLINE. Doctoral candidates registered with the Graduate Center are informed about these courses by circular mail.

The university e-learning platform OLAT regularly offers online courses and video tutorials for teaching staff which show they can create online seminars in OLAT. A registration is necessary.

The Continuing Professional Development Center has webpage listing various digital opportunities for further education. The webpage is in German only.

The university library of Kiel University offers e-learning tutorials on working and research in the library as well as on academic working methods. The tutorials are in German only.