Intellectual Property - Protecting and Valorizing Research

06.02.2017 von 11:00 bis 18:00

Graduate Center

Target Group:

Doctoral candidates who are interested in intellectual property focused on patents


Dr. Alexandra Cordeiro Baumgartner*


The workshop is designed to introduce the participants to the world of intellectual property, focusing on relevant issues for researchers:

- What is intellectual property?

- What is a patent, why patent protection is important and how to obtain it

- How patents can be used

- How to search for patent information and obtain valuable knowledge using it

- How to get from an idea to the market

- What to do if you invented something

Special emphasis will be given to the role of patent and commercial exploitation agencies assisting in the protection, implementation and commercialization of academic inventions.


Registrations are welcome until 26 January 2017 via our registration portal.


*: PVA SH GmbH
    Patent- und Verwertungsagentur
    für die wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen
    in Schleswig-Holstein GmbH

    Fraunhoferstr. 13
    24118 Kiel

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