Lets talk German

Nov 13, 2018 07:00 PM to Feb 14, 2019 09:00 PM

Graduate Center

Target Group:

Doctoral candidates with a knowledge of German between A1 and B2; the trainer will evaluate your language level at the first meeting


Xandra Fritz, German teacher DaZ

Course dates:

12 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday

Start: 13 November 2018

Dates in 2018: 15 Nov, 20 Nov, 22 Nov, 27 Nov, 29 Nov, 4 Dec, 6 Dec, 11 Dec, 13 Dec, 18 Dec, 20 Dec

Dates in 2019: 8 Jan, 10 Jan, 15 Jan, 17 Jan, 22 Jan, 24 Jan, 29 Jan, 31 Jan, 5 Feb, 7 Feb, 12 Feb and 14 Feb

Time: 07.00 pm until 09.00 pm


  • You are learning German grammar, prepositions, articles and adjectives – but you would much rather speak the language?
  • You would like to speak more and better German?
  • You already have a knowledge of German, but you don’t have many opportunities to try it out?
  • Do you have good reading and grammar skills, but you are wary of speaking German? You would like to participate actively in discussions in German?
  • Then this course is the right event for you!


The easiest way to learn German is to speak it in order to train your listening and speaking skills. Regular conversation will quickly improve your pronunciation and intonation and your vocabulary will increase rapidly.

In this course a maximum of 12 participants will converse about different interesting topics. The trainer will moderate the discussion and correct mistakes. At the beginning of each session a specific grammar topic will be announced and then trained in practical exercises. We meet twice a week to learn as intensely as possible.

We are keen to tailor our course as closely to your needs as possible and would like to offer as much individual support as possible:

  • If the group as a whole would prefer to start later the course can also commence at 7.30 or 8 pm; we will discuss this issue during our first meeting.
  • Usually a course session lasts 120 minutes. If necessary it can last longer. This depends on the topics discussed and on the progress of the individual session. It is also possible to extend  a session just for parts of the group.



Registrations are welcome until 25 October 2018 via our online portal. We will then determine whether the minimum number of 6 participants has been reached. Should the minimum number of participants not have been reached, the event will not take place due to financial reasons. Once the minimum number of participants has been reached, further registrations are possible until 8 days previous to the beginning of the event.

Please note:

There are 14 places on this course. The persons that can participate in the course will receive an e-mail from the Graduate Center. Without this confirmation mail you cannot participate in the course. Only participants that have registered for the course via the Graduate Center will receive a certificate of attendance.

All further registrations will be placed on a waiting list. As soon as there is a free place on the course you will receive a message from us. If you do not receive any message you cannot participate in this course.




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