Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Unit at Kiel University (Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung) offers ongoing training courses for all academic university staff. These are open to and in some cases specially designed for doctoral candidates.  

Your contact at Continuing Education for members of the university staff is Dr. Katharina Abermeth, telephone +49 (0431) 880-1255, e-mail:

These courses are free of charge for the University's members of staff and doctoral candidates who are registered with the Graduate Center or are part of a doctoral programme. All others are subject to a participation fee which is specified in the course description.

The Continuing Education Unit also offers the administrative and scientific personnel of Kiel University the possibility to acquire certificates in the areas of tertiary education didactics, leadership competence and intercultural competence. You can find more information on the offers for doctoral candidates here (in German only).