Predatory Publishing

Doctoral candidates are expected to present their research results to the scientific community during their doctorate. This includes publishing in scientific journals. The number of such journals, particularly online journals, is vast , and it is not easy for young researchers to evaluate the quality and reputation of a journal.

Unfortunately quite a few online journals are not legitimate scientific publications: they charge publication fees but do not supply the standard editorial services such as e.g. peer review while implying that this is the case. This practice is generally known as predatory publishing. The respective Wikipedia page offers a good summary of the discussion of this topic and many links to further sources.

The Graduate Center, too, recommends that you thoroughly investigate the publication in which you wish to publish. The Directory of Open Access Journals is a regularly updated list of reputable online journals that perform quality control through the peer review system. The website Think. Check. Submit also offers a number of ways to check journals.

Please note that there are also disreputable conferences. You can use the website Think. Check. Attend to check the various offers.


Notes on "Predatory Publishing" for Doctoral Candidates



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