Techniques of Describing

09.05.2018 von 11:00 bis 12:30

Philosophisches Seminar, Leibnizstr. 6, 4. Etage, R. 434

Target audience:

This workshop is intended for doctoral candidates and postdocs (up to two years after their doctorate) of all faculties.


Describing does not presuppose an eternal essence or an axiomatic definition. Instead descriptions can make visible even the most different phenomena and perspectives. While the seminar is dedicated to techniques of describing it mainly focuses on the relation between the described phenomenon and its way of presentation.

The methodological topic of this seminar will be addressed by means of the example of man/human being, the related literature will be a starting point for further discussion, too.


1st meeting: Friday, 9.5.2018, 11am.

Department of Philosophy, Leibnizstr. 6, 4th floor, R. 434

Contact: Prof. Dr. Christine Blättler (

The following meetings are to be fixed at the first meeting

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