Presentation: Open Practice

21.01.2017 von 09:00 bis 17:30

Graduate Center

Target group:

This course is for doctoral candidates who have participated in “Show your Science” and/or are active members of Science Show.


Katharine Simmons


The one-day workshop gives you the opportunity to focus on and develop a current or new talk (approximately 10 minutes long); you will decide which aspect of presenting you wish to practice.

Depending on your needs and wishes, the day offers individual training, and rehearsal in pairs or small groups. In the afternoon you may show your talk to the whole group in a lecture hall; this will be filmed if you wish. We will round off the day with constructive feedback, giving you the chance to formulate your next steps.

To support your personal progress in presenting, “Presentation: Open Practice” will be offered several times in the year.


Registrations are welcome until 21 January 2017 via our registration portal.

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